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The Aces on Bridge: Thursday, June 2nd, 2022


A V Ramana RaoJune 16th, 2022 at 12:24 pm

Hi Dear Mr Wolff
Double by east is sheer folly and redouble by south is quite apt. ( Perhaps matches could be lost by the score on a single board like this) . South can be pretty certain that the lead is doubleton and west holds most probably seven good clubs as he bid being vulnerable. So he is either 0=2=4=7 or 1=2=3=7. South can make sure of the contract by ruffing two hearts in hand ( perfectly safe) and two clubs in dummy taking his tally to nine and diamonds or club A must provide tenth even in the unlikely event of diamond A happens to be with west. He wins the lead, and leads to Q of spades. When west follows, it becomes simple. South cashes heart A in dummy, ruffs heart, dummy ruffs club and south ruffs heart and dummy ruffs another club and leads good heart for at least ten tricks.
And in the case west doesn’t follow to Q of spades, south proceeds as described. East ruffs the good heart, south overruffs, cashes remaining high trump an leads trump back to east. Whether east returns diamond after cashing trump winner or not is immaterial as south still controls club suit. Even if west holds diamond A, all EW get is only three tricks

bobbywolffJune 16th, 2022 at 1:38 pm


Various specific talents are necessary, if one cherishes the idea of advancing to a hallowed position of being able to compete against all comers, worldwide or not.

And, if so, the above hand should illustrate the basic arithmetic (nothing more complex, but a relaxed attitude toward dealing with numbers), but a mind confident of applying what it takes to be proficient with first figuring out what it takes to properly place the opponents 26 cards (not necessarily exact, but rather, at least, in a winningly fashion.

Today’s declarer showed the way and, of course, was helped along by the double, but even without it, the 3 club bid (seemed right at the time) also helped set the stage and allowed Aviv Shahaf to strut his talent.

In addition to natural arithmetic ability, the ability to fully concentrate is a learned ability by any and everyone who has the desire to reach a high enough status of being able to compete at a very high level with our wondrous game.

Good, brave and pure (note the quote) all apply somewhat, but nothing succeeds like success, and arithmetical fluidity is the force behind it.

Thanks AVRR, for your usual always helpful and easy to follow-up (especially for arithmetically qualified people).