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The Aces on Bridge: Monday, July 18th, 2022


jim2August 1st, 2022 at 6:29 pm

The Cavendish has a long tradition of reusing hands from the Lower Slobbovian Mud Cup, and this is one such example. I know because I played this hand as East in the 2003 Mud Cup Match Point Open.

I opened 3C, as some did four years later at the Cavendish. Unlike at any of the those 2007 tables, however, 3C was passed out, undoubled.

Perhaps the South player passed because she was in distress. I hazard this guess because as she broke into a violent sneezing/coughing jag which led all of us to involuntarily lean far back from the table. When she finally subsided and began her apologies, it was revealed that her efforts to cover her mouth had deposited her 13 cards upon the playing surface. Only one was face up, however, and it was the QD.

The director was summoned and the QD was declared the legal opening lead. The South player, still red with mortification, clearly would have preferred a different lead, but she offered no dispute.

The QD rode quietly around to my KD, and I crossed to the AS to begin trump.

The KC’s appearance resolved the question of which finesse to take pleasantly enough, and I proceeded to play three rounds with the 10C forcing the JC on the third, with North pitching two hearts.

My misgivings began when South gamely pressed on with the 8D. North must have suddenly learned to count, because he overtook with the 9D and played the AD. There was no way to evade the uppercut, so I ruffed small in an effort to limit the damage. South over-ruffed, and continued spades.

I ruffed with my fifth trump and led towards the QH, confident now that South must have both top honors. She did but, when she won the KH, she played the KS, forcing my last trump before I could establish the QH.

As the opponent pair walked away, South said, “I tried to hold it, but I couldn’t. I meant to lead the AH, I swear! I’m just glad it didn’t let him make it.”

In both the Slobbovias, soft honors in short holdings are discounted. The result was that, unlike at the later Cavendish, no one bid 4S and everyone made exactly 9 tricks for EW -140.

Ours was the only -150.

Another Mud Cup bottom board, but I was only a sneeze away from a Top

bobbywolffAugust 1st, 2022 at 9:58 pm

Hi Jim2,

Stop the music, stop the tournament, stop the score keeping, a missnake has occurred, since you only went down 138, which escalates a bottom to a top.

With the correction a full board swing, All hail
the mighty preempt, in CLUBS that is! And everyone who has attended that tourney knows that undoubked down tricks are scored NT 50 a trick, spades 49, hearts 48, diamonds 47 and clubs only 46 making a total for 3 NV down tricks cashing out as only minus 138.

Finally justice prevails, that is assuming it is not too late to be adjusted.

Just another top for Jim2. He really knows his math and although if his suit was diamonds instead, OH WELL, if it was, he wouldn’t have preempted, would he?