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The Aces on Bridge: Saturday, October 10th, 2020


David WarheitOctober 24th, 2020 at 10:08 am

EW are only down one at 4S (okay, double-dummy down two), but given their unfavorable vulnerability, that will never happen. But what should happen is that S bids 3N over E’s 3S bid. After all, knowing that partner has a H fit, all S then needs from his partner is the HK, and 3N is cold.

jim2October 24th, 2020 at 12:46 pm

The risk I saw with a 3N bid is that North’s and East’s raises could be more distributional.

The more those two players are basing their bids on distribution, the more likely the KH is with opening bidder West.

bobbywolffOctober 24th, 2020 at 3:48 pm

Hi David,

Yes, fixed state reasoning always works out sometimes. Too often unexpected side events occur, such as opponents bidding differently (expecting to be sacrificing, but instead magically making), partner not having the specific card needed (king of hearts) but instead a compensating feature, many in this case (extra heart, lucky singleton heart king with opponents, queen or jack 10 of diamonds, worthless defensively but powerfully the contract trick offensively, fortunate lead for declarer, etc.)

Only in the current world of bridge cheating, electronically with virtual bridge, can one turn to certainty with so-called unusual, but, in fact, weird decisions which work 100% since declarer, and or, at least one member of the defense, able to gaze at the whole 52 during the play (and bidding).

Trying to understand anyone doing such an abomination is difficult to fathom, showing a player with a very deep inferiority complex, (real life and especially in bridge), who craves undeserved recognition, plus the continued hiring by his carelessly and thus himself (or herself) dangerous and worse, ofttimes complicit sponsor.

bobbywolffOctober 24th, 2020 at 4:06 pm

Hi Jim2,

Throw in to what we all should suspect or, at least consider, when one player makes what certainly could be thought to be unnatural decisions, that the player doing it perhaps wants the limelight, many times at the expense of his partner and or also his teammates or the sometimes thought to be bridge law concerning abject total success, of once done, luck, twice done, coincidence, three times, illegal enemy action.

bobbywolffOctober 25th, 2020 at 3:28 pm

Hi again David,

After more thought, no doubt what you pronounce about partner having the king of hearts will almost guarantee 3NT bid and made.

However, unless West has that crucial king himself, he will by bridge logic and knowing your very thoughtful bridge mind, may then instead, use his psychological prowess to fully understand your logic and, because of that, fall into even a vulnerable saving mood which may result in something even more magical, a make, therefore choosing his best result.

Finally, if EW wind up defeating 4 hearts, they will fully deserve what they have definitely earned, but though results are always the currency in our great game, very high-level bridge, like you and Jim2 consistantly write about and obviously play, is what we should discuss and the defense to 4 hearts is one of those subjects with declarer a major factor in giving himself his best chance.

Add to that the myriad types of support from North which would make 4 hearts unbeatable, and I do not cotton to 3NT at that moment in time, as the right percentage action, although and no doubt, an imaginative and reasonable stab.