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The Aces on Bridge: Monday, April 5th, 2021


Iain ClimieApril 19th, 2021 at 9:07 am

Hi Bobby,

Welcome back although the Saturday and Sunday pages aren’t up yet. In terms of quotes, I also enjoyed “How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?” Ans: Fish.



bobbywolffApril 19th, 2021 at 1:50 pm

Hi Iain,

Thanks for yours (especially both the welcome and the humor) and all patience shown, thick or thin, by all our other loyal followers.

And as to surrealists and the quote, we need to dream on about the past weekend and “Yes”, Go Fish, and, if possible, avoid the smell.

Now bridge can sometimes be thought similar to poker, throw two away and draw to either a three card flush or straight.