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The Aces on Bridge: Friday April 21st, 2023


Iain Martin ClimieMay 5th, 2023 at 5:58 pm

Hi Bobby,

How strong was South’s 2N opening range today? If 20-22, with 4 aces and those diamonds I’d argue that it is too strong and should be upgraded e.g. to 2C followed by 2N showing 23-24 if that was agreed.

Any thoughts?


Iain (or possibly his doppelganger)

bobbywolffMay 5th, 2023 at 8:49 pm

Hi Iain,

Even if the jack of diamonds was the three, South’s 2NT was too strong, but instead a 2C start with likely a NT rebid the better value action.

On another front, I still have doubts about the superiority of key card BW over old time BW.

While I understand the scientific more or less advantage, how about (not necessarily for 6NY but rather a suit slam) there is always a minus for the opponents to suspect, not even relatively sure of KC leading to a much better slam, therein allowing those alert opponents, a much greater certainty when deciding whether or not to take a sacrifice.

And even when it becomes crucial whether to bid that slam or not even the king of trump is not an ace, as well as bidding that slam on a finesse is not much against the odds, especially
when the opponents are getting ready to sacrifice against the slam, but then doing so at the wrong time. And how about something during the early rounds of the auction telling the potential slam bidders where the absent king of trump may be.

Sometimes haphazard wins the day, probably more often than it appears. Yes there have been hands when 11 or especially 12 trumps, missing the king have been dealt.

In any event when all the above has at least a quantum of sense to it, how wrong can it be?